Monday, April 6, 2015

Mandala Monday: What age is best for coloring?

Welcome to my colorful world of Meditative Mandalas. What started out as a calendar for my friends is growing into a series of coloring books for just about all ages.

When a child outgrows the simple subjects and shapes that more traditional coloring books offer, then they are ready for more thoughtful coloring found in my books.

But we are learning coloring is not just for children; it is a fulfilling exercise for all ages. This relaxing pastime can improve eye hand coordination, concentration and a feeling of accomplishment when a piece is completed at any age.

I've had children as young as six years old absorbed with coloring in the intricate shapes in "Meditative Mandalas" which I created with young and older adults in mind.

Then I have many older adults that prefer the whimsical subject matter and larger shapes in "Merry Mandalas", which I created with younger kids in mind.

What I do know is regardless of age, coloring is a relaxing even meditative experience. It's a great singular activity for unwinding after a workday. And it's a casual activity that you can do with a group of friends, or at a family gathering.

Older adults who can't do all the physical activity they used to do, enjoy the creative pastime of completing an intricate piece of art. The multiple images pictured here are done by my 95 year old Mother-in-law who can't seem to get enough pages to color!

Finishing one of my Mandalas is easier than coloring a traditional illustration because the Mandala is created with many repetitive shapes. Once you choose a color for one shape you can repeat that color all the way around the circle while you relax your mind.

Take a deep breath, spread out your colored pencils and enjoy some stress relieving creative time.

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  1. Young and old and in between. Fun for all!!!! : ) (of course, no one in THIS post is "old" lol)